601 Realtime offers complete solutions to all your production and post production needs, from SD to HD and all that is between. Our services include:

Full production & video consultancy
No matter the size of your project, we are ready to help in planning and execution. From storyboarding to image acquisition in most formats, from DV to Betacam to Hi-def formats.

 full prod

You will be more than happy working with our directors who have listening ears and give you the best interpretation of your ideas. If you are a production or post production facility and are in the process of setting up or upgrading, our wide knowledge base in production methods is a priceless asset. Be rest assured that we will recommend the most suitable and up to date methods for your facility.

Colour grading & finishing
601 Realtime is proudly the first production facility to offer this service in Nigeria. It is a process whereby footage shot is transferred digitally to a computer and the colours are enhanced, improving the look of the original footage, all done in realtime, with instant playback so there is no break in the flow of creativity.


Our colourists work hand in hand with the Director and Director of Photography to either:
. Colour correct and match scenes in your project, or
. Create an overall and distinct look for your project
Our colourists can help greatly improve the look of your video footage, achieving very close to the highly sought after “film look”.
Feel free to come in for a brief demonstration on the power of Colour grading.

Non Linear Editing
601 Realtime offers superior creative editorials to meet the needs of any project. Our experienced editors provide a high level of knowledge and creative input. 601 Realtime features facilities to work on either analog formats or digital formats to deliver your project at pristine video quality.


Choose from a variety of platforms including:
. Avid Media Composer
. Final Cut Pro Studio 2
. Adobe Premiere pro
Whichever platform you are most comfortable with, nothing stops your job
from reaching its finished stage, output to whatever format you want: VHS,
miniDV, DVCAM, Betacam, VCD, DVD or digital files.

Motion Graphics Design 


Whether it is TV station idents, bumpers or programme opening montages, our team of highly skilled motion graphic artists interpret any idea very artistically, and of course, in motion. miniDV, DVCAM, Betacam, VCD, DVD or digital files.

3d Animation & Visual effects 
For our team of animators, the only limiting factor to our capabilities is your imagination.


Audio Recording & Post 
Whatever you can dream, we can visualize. Through several methods of animation, rotoscoping and compositing, your dream is on its way to realization.

Our projects are incomplete without fantastic audio to go with them.


From clear recorded voice tracks to engaging music. Your projects are guaranteed a well rounded professional touch that would invoke the right emotions.